Winterhawk • Consulting • Consultant • Global • SAP • GRC  We are a SAP Services Partner and global provider of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services, specifically focuses on the following SAP GRC and SAP Security Services:

  • Implementing SAP GRC products (SAP GRC Access Controls, SAP GRC Process Controls, SAP GRC Enterprise Risk Management)
  • Designing and deploying SAP Security Roles
  • Performing SAP Security Role Redesigns
  • Assisting organizations with Segregation of Duty (SoD) remediation efforts
  • Migrating customers from Approva BizRights’ products to SAP GRC products
  • Implementing Identity Management (IDM) solutions
  • Providing Managed GRC services to organizations that wish to outsource or co-source parts or all of their GRC functions, or are considering a Cloud solution
  • Providing comprehensive SAP Audit services (SAP Pre & Post Implementation Reviews, SAP Application Control reviews, SAP Application Control testing, SAP General Computing Control (GCC) reviews, SAP GCC testing, SAP Control Rationalization).

Methodologies and Implementation Accelerators (ToolSet):

Our service delivery professionals leverage our sophisticated Tool Set to reduce costs, accelerate project timelines, mitigate project risks, and ensure quality.

Winterhawk • Consulting • Consultant • Global • SAP • GRC The Tool Set, developed by our Partners, has been further enhanced and utilized by customers for over seven years. It includes project management resources such as work plans for SAP Access Control and SAP Process Control, Communication Plan Templates, Risk Assessment Templates, and Issue Log Templates as well as the following technical project accelerators:

SAP Role Design

  • SAP Role Design Review Database
  • SAP Role Usage Analysis Database
  • SAP Role User & Job Mapping Database
  • Pre-configured SoD-free SAP Role Design
  • SAP Role Analyzer Program

Winterhawk • Consulting • Consultant • Global • SAP • GRC


  • Best-practice SoD Rulesets
  • BizRights to SAP GRC Conversion Database
  • Custom SAP GRC Reporting Database
  • SAP GRC Data Integrity Checker
  • SoD Remediation Accelerator Macro

Winterhawk • Consulting • Consultant • Global • SAP • GRC


Prior to the kickoff of any engagement, regardless of whether it’s a complex SAP GRC engagement, SAP Security Role Design, related to Managed GRC Services, SAP GRC Staff Augmentation or SAP Audit Services, we ensure our customers have the resources with the right skills and experience to meet the objectives of the engagement.
Rick Wilson • Winterhawk Consulting

Did you know that most of our SAP services are available in the cloud.”
Rick Wilson

Customer Value:

Our highly skilled resources and sophisticated methodologies and tools provide:

  • Cost effective
  • High quality
  • Customer focused

solutions that optimize our customers’ returns on their GRC related investments.