SAP Application Controls

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Winterhawk • Consulting • Consultant • Global • SAP • GRC Winterhawk’s SAP Application Controls Review and Testing service focuses on ensuring your organization has appropriately congfiured key application and master data controls as well as identifies transactional data indicative of control deficiencies. We accomplish this using our vast library of SAP scripts that test and confirm the configuration of best practice controls and identify issues within the SAP data.

SAP Application Controls


Winterhawk • Consulting • Consultant • Global • SAP • GRC Winterhawk resources utilize Winterhawk’s SAP Application Controls methodology to evaluate and test an organization’s SAP configuration settings related to SAP Application Controls. Specifically we:

  • Gain an understanding of the organization’s in scope processes and configurations through reviewing project blue print documents and other business process documentation,
  • Evaluate the planned configuration for appropriateness and identify gaps between the organization’s SAP Application Controls configurations and the configuration settings identified in our SAP Application Control library, and
  • Provide a comprehensive report identifying configuration changes which should be considered to strengthen the control design.

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