SAP GRC Managed Services

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SAP GRC is complex as it relates to both technology and business processes. As such, many organizations find it challenging to hire and retain internal resources with the right skill sets to effectively manage their SAP GRC activities.

Winterhawk • Consulting • Consultant • Global • SAP • GRC Winterhawk’s SAP GRC Managed Services are focused on providing customers with Winterhawk resources who work transparently with the organization’s SAP GRC team and provide the skill sets that are so difficult to find in the market today. We offer a number of different on-shore/off-shore sourcing alternatives to meet the customer’s specific needs, ranging from performing very specific SAP GRC tasks to complete outsourcing of an organization’s SAP GRC activities.

SAP GRC Managed Services


Winterhawk • Consulting • Consultant • Global • SAP • GRC Winterhawk Partners will collaborate with an organization’s key SAP GRC stakeholders and perform the following activities:

  • Determine the organization’s SAP GRC Managed Services needs and requirements
  • Optimally align the organization’s requirements with Winterhawk resources
  • Clearly define the responsibilities of the organization’s internal resources and Winterhawk’s resources
  • Prepare service level agreements for the activities to be performed by Winterhawk resources to ensure accountability
  • Prepare a proposal and action plan for integrating the Winterhawk resources into the organization’s SAP GRC team

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