SAP GRC Upgrades

Service Summary

Winterhawk • Consulting • Consultant • Global • SAP • GRC Winterhawk assists customers with performing SAP GRC Upgrades from prior versions to the latest SAP GRC software. In addition to the technical upgrade, we also provide a service to prepare a business case and cost benefit analysis related to the scope of the upgrade process.

SAP GRC Upgrades


Winterhawk • Consulting • Consultant • Global • SAP • GRC Winterhawk resources have experience with SAP GRC Upgrades from Virsa to SAP GRC 5.xx and from SAP GRC 5.xx to SAP GRC 10. Our resources leverage Winterhawk’s SAP GRC Upgrade methodology to ensure that customers understand the specific benefits, costs, and internal resource requirements required to perform an SAP GRC Upgrade.

Our methodology includes the following activities:

  • Performing hardware sizing analysis to determine additional hardware costs if applicable;
  • Reviewing all functional and technical enhancements in the new version with the customer;
  • Identifying and scoping the level of effort of incorporating relevant enhancements into the upgrade process;
  • Preparing a detailed project plan with both internal and external resource allocations;
  • Performing the technical upgrade;
  • Performing the post upgrade configuration;
  • Configuring new functionality as required;
  • Providing testing plans;
  • Providing test scenarios;
  • Providing detla training materials;
  • Delivering delta training courses to key stakeholders;
  • Providing post implementation support.

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