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We offer comprehensive solutions and services related to SAP® GRC, SAP Security, SAP Role Design, SAP Fraud Management and SAP Audit to meet your complex compliance needs; in addition, we offer an SAP GRC Cloud Solution. Winterhawk Consulting utilises our experienced resources, sophisticated methodologies and tools to provide cost effective, high quality customer focused solutions that enable customers to optimise their value on SAP Security and GRC spending.


Winterhawk has developed a broad range of SAP GRC services in order to serve our clients …

SAP Fraud Management

Winterhawk Consulting’s SAP Fraud Management for detecting, investigating and deterring fraud, is powered by the SAP HANA platform….

SAP Audit

In order to address our customer’s needs related to SAP Audit Services, we developed the following services ….

SAP Security

Winterhawk resources understand the business, technical, and compliance aspects of SAP Security and SAP Role Design


Our offering of SAP GRC in the Cloud is a way to manage risks for any size organization…

SAP Identity Management

At Winterhawk Consulting we believe it’s critical our customers’ requirements, and to define with them…

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