Security and Role Design Service

The regulatory and compliance landscape of today requires companies to ensure critical business applications such as SAP are properly secured and adhere to stringent guidelines related to privacy, proper segregation of duties, and limiting access to sensitive business and system transactions in order to prevent financial misstatements or business interruptions. Within a SAP environment, the challenge of meeting these rigorous standards is compounded by the complex Security model and the frequent changes occurring in the dynamic global businesses that run SAP.

Our resources understand the business, technical, and compliance aspects of Security and Role Design and deliver market leading  services related to:

  • Initial Security implementations
  • Identifying, prioritizing, and creating a plan to address issues with their current Role Design
  • Remediating issues already identified in their current Role Design.

Toolset Accelerators

We have developed a pre-configured Risk Based Role Design, specifically designed to accelerate Role Design and Role Redesign implementations by significantly reducing efforts in the blueprinting and testing implementation phases. Our Packaged Role Design can be leveraged to:

  • Significantly reduce the cost and level of effort to implement a Role Design for the first time
  • Provide Security Roles for newly implemented functionality
  • Provide a foundation to reduce the effort for SoD remediation projects
  • Provide the foundation for a re-usable Global Role Design.

SAP Security and Role Design Services

In order to address our customer’s needs, we focus our Security and Role Design expertise on the following 3 services:

Role Design Review services target customers that:

  • Know there is an issue with their current Role Design, but are unsure of the best approach to resolve their issues.

We identify issues in the current role design, prioritize the issues based on risk, and create a road map to resolve the issues.

Security Role Design services:
  • Implementing SAP for the first time
  • Integrating an acquisition onto SAP
  • Rolling out new business functionality
  • Incorporating new organizations or territories.
Security Role Re-Design services target customers with significant deficiencies, usually identified in access control audits, in their existing Role Design and require a full or partial Role Re-Design. Our team can quickly determine whether leveraging our pre-configured Role Design or fixing the existing Role Design is the most effective and efficient approach. In either case, the end result is a compliant Role Design optimized to reduce ongoing maintenance costs and minimize risk.