Audit Outsourcing-CoSourcing Summary

For companies that don’t have an internal audit group or are looking to supplement their group with Security and Controls experts, we provide a world class Audit outsourcing-cosourcing group. We have many options from managing the entire audit process to working with your audit team to train and educate them on how to develop a world class Audit function

Audit Outsourcing-CoSourcing Approach

We have a broad range of consultants who have focused their careers on auditing. Whether your Internal Audit department requires an IT Audit Manager or an entry level SAP IT Audit Specialist, our Partners can assess your requirements and present to you the person that’s right to help you achieve your objectives. The basic skills of our SAP audit resources enable them to execute IT General Controls Reviews and typical Application Controls Reviews. In addition, we also provide highly specialized consultants that can perform reviews of DBMS, reviews of IT Security, Networks and Internet facing environments. Whatever your requirements are, we will match them with the appropriate skills and experience to increase the efficiency of your Internal Audit department.

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