GRC Implementations Service Summary

SAP GRC Implementations require a multidisciplinary skill set.

Our resources have the diverse skill sets and experience required to lead and deliver any organization’s GRC Implementation. These skills include technical expertise, business process knowledge, and an understanding of a broad range of compliance initiatives.

GRC Implementations Approach

Our accelerators reduce the cost, level of effort, and duration of GRC implementations

Our GRC implementation services cover all phases of a deployment, and include

  • Project management and planning,
  • Technical installation,
  • Business blueprinting,
  • Functional configuration,
  • Testing,
  • Training, and
  • Post go-live support.

Our implementation accelerators include:

  • Best-practice SOD Rulesets
  • Packaged BC-Sets to automate basic configuration settings
  • Custom GRC Reporting Database
  • GRC Data Integrity Checker
  • SOD Remediation Accelerator Macro

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