Security Role Design

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We leverage our pre-configured, SoD compliant, risk based, task oriented Security Role Design (Packaged Role Design) to accelerate an organization’s Role Design implementation.

Our Packaged Role Design contains predefined roles covering over 80% of the functionality in an ECC environment as well as specific functionality in CRM, SRM, and BI.

Our Roles were designed using a risk based task oriented approach that provides an organization maximum flexibility in assigning high risk access to end users while maintaining simplicity when assigning transactions classified as low risk.

Security Role Design



We combine our Packaged Role Design with our sophisticated Security Role implementation methodology to provide our customer’s with a proven approach that ensures a high quality, cost effective, and low maintenance design that is both easily sustainable and scaleable. Our implementation methodology is closely aligned with the SAP ASAP methodology, but is enhanced with our project management resources including a Role Design project plan template, communication plan templates, risk assessment templates, and issue log templates as well as the following technical project accelerators:


  • Role, User, & Job Mapping Database
  • Packaged Role Design
  • Role Validation Program
  • Transaction Code to Role Mapping Database
  • Role Testing Matrices
  • Role Analyzer Program

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